At the moment we do have the following products/services:

Active products

Common Metadata Data Model (CMDM)
The CMDM product can also be seen as the Corporate Metadata Data Model.

The CMDM is developed because there are multiple use cases that need content and context.
The first use case that is developed with the CMDB is to bring ServiceNow CMDB/CMS/CSDM content AND context to Splunk.
But there are more use cases and for that see the solutions section.

In general, the purpose of this CMDM solution is to collect, reconcile, and visualize data in a common model context. With this organizations can bring several CMDBs/CMS/cloud configs/services/IT4IT together in one flexible model to steer the digitalization of the organization.

This product supersedes the CMDB-to-ITSI product which is EOL.

End-of-life products

CMDB-to-ITSI This product is end-of-life since end 2020. But version can be found on Splunk base here This product is superseded by the Splunk CMDB product as mentioned above.

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