Functional ServiceNow to Splunk integration:

Splunk – ServiceNow. This is a fully functional integration of the ServiceNow CMDB/CSDM+IPC with Splunk so that Splunk users can really put their data (content) into context. This integration brings the full CMDB/CSDM plus all Incidents/Changes/problems plus users and their ITIL/config groups to Splunk. With this integration application/DevOps teams can really focus on delivering their applications/services.

Monitoring/Observability use case development:
Central monitoring teams almost not exist anymore. If they are still there they are mostly there to develop and describe use cases of monitoring for a certain technology. To keep track of what technology needs the most attention those teams should be able to analyze the technology that’s in use.


Security use case development:
Security teams have a tough job to keep track of all technology that is used within the company. They are more and more in a role where they have to define security use cases. But how to keep track of all technologies in use?

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